We have become an indistinguishable human race with masks;

Our facial hair converging with our scalp hair;

We infer people’s intentions through Charades;

Elbow high-fives are the new handshakes;

We run away from people we don’t know (also good excuse to run away from the ones we know!);

We teach kids not to share;

We forget how to smile;

We google until we topple;

And we zoom ’til we are doomed!

So… what is the Silver lining in all of this?

We value what is Priceless;

We Invest in ourselves through reflections;

We find Rejoice in the small things in life;

We celebrate the Ingenuity of scientists in vaccine creation;

For we need to Turbocharge our emotional state for a better tomorrow;

And collectively we bring SPIRIT into our lives!